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VIDGO Movie and TV Streaming Service

There is no dearth of streaming services in the market today. While the streaming services began as a supplement to cable TV entertainment, today, they have transformed into a primary source of entertainment for many consumers. As the number of cord cutters has increased, they have started demanding more and more from the streaming services, and the services have been more than happy to oblige. The recently launched VIDGO TV streaming service also aims to offer its users the best-in-class service, at the most affordable prices. VIDGO offers you the closest experience to a cable connection without actually requiring you to sign a contract. It offers content across the board, and has a lot of firsts to its credit.

VIDGO was introduced to the world at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January this year. The service was pitched as an over the top (OTT) television streaming service that would offer a wide variety of programming at highly affordable prices. This includes everything from live channels, news, music, movies, sports, to what not. At the time, not much information was revealed about the service. Now, a lot of info has been revealed by the startup behind VIDGO regarding its features. If the press releases are anything to go by, then the customers are in for one big treat.

Build your own channel package with VIDGO

The promoters of VIDGO are noteworthy too; Robert Kostensky and Shane Cannon are involved with the company. Kostensky worked with DIRECTV. Cannon is the President of Cannon Satellite TV and also serves as the Marketing chief for VIDGO. VIDGO will not be available in a lot of regions initially. At first only a few major cities will be able to access the service. These include San Francisco, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles. The service will go national a few months after that.

Now that you have an idea what VIDGO is, let’s talk about the offerings it has for you. The programming on VIDGO is one of the strong selling points for the service. It does not offer the run-of-the-mill content like some other services, but a whole lot more.  The subscribers of VIDGO will also have access to sports channels. This is the only online streaming service that satiates the sports enthusiast in you. You will be hard pressed to find such a combination of price and variety in the market today.

The pricing structure is another big draw for VIDGO. The service has revealed that they are going to put the “customer in the driver’s seat”. Now, this may mean that the service has gone completely a la carte. If so, the users can pick and choose, and make their own packages. This would be a first for any streaming service, and even cable television for that matter. This kind of flexibility will make customers make a beeline for the service. On the other hand, it can also mean that the pricing structure will be somewhat like Sling TV, which offers standard packages and then the customers can pick the add-ons as they like.

VIDGO television streaming

Moving on, there is a cloud Digital Video Recorder (DVR) service offer with VIDGO as well. So, anything that you miss on the live channels will be recorded and you can watch it at a later time at your own convenience. Further, VIDGO is supported on a variety of devices, including smartphones, smart TVs, and streaming sticks.

The service also offers multiple-device streaming with a single subscription across all of its packages. So, each member of your family can watch the program of their choice by logging in from their own device!

VIDGO Streaming TV Service offers so much to its users that it will be difficult to find anything better, once the service is launched. Indeed the market for streaming services is quite crowded and it is more than probable that you already have a streaming service subscription, but with the amazing services from VIDGO, it will be difficult to pass up on this.

We will keep you updated on all the developments of this exciting Movie and TV Streaming service!