Twilight-Fans in for a Big Treat in April 2011!

The fans of Twilight have met both good and bad news since the series hit the market. In 2008 the planned fifth book, Midnight Sun, was set on “indefinite hold” by author Stephenie Meyer, after a rough sketch of twelve chapters was leaked online. This gave her bad feelings about the whole thing and hungry fans worldwide were heartbroken. Earlier this summer though, Meyer released a free novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and fans were again happy. Now it’s time for yet another good announcement for the fans. In April 2011 an illustrated guide will be released!
Illustrated guide?
So what will be in this guide? Many fans have already asked many questions and discussed on the forums of all the major fan sites. According to The Bookseller, the content of this guide will definitely be a treat for all the fans out there.
An encyclopedia-style reference to the already released books is what we’ll be getting. More than 500 pages and 100 illustrations will be included. Detailed history for all of the key characters will be included, along with some before unpublished content.  This also includes a map, an interview with Meyer and genealogical charts.
According to Stephenie Meyer herself, this is a result of all of the questions constantly asked by enthusiastic readers and fans. She’s now hoping, with this illustrated guide, to answer as many questions as possible.
This means that all fans have something very exciting to look forward to on April 12th 2011 while waiting for the next two movies!
“New Moon”
Finally, for those wondering what this all is about, here’s a brief description:

A Quick Guide to Twilight

Stephanie Meyer’s extremely popular Twilight-series has been a huge success worldwide for the last years. The story of love between an average girl and a vampire has captivated readers in all age groups and both genders, even though the younger girls have been the most visible fans in many settings. The four vampire-themed fantasy novels started off by the release of Twilight in 2005. After waking up from a vivid dream in June 2003, Meyer was so intrigued by the dream that she couldn’t stand the thought of simply forgetting it. Two years later this first book came out and immediately got commercial success “everywhere”. Three more books were written. New Moon (2006), Eclipse (2007) and Breaking Dawn (2008) were all applauded by the fans. The series got even more fans as the three first books got filmed and all have been great successes all over the world. Movie number four, Breaking Dawn part 1, starts shooting these days and is expected to be in movie-theatres in 2011. Part 2 is scheduled for late 2012.
Content-wise we wont reveal too much for those still wanting to read the books or watch the movies, but we can tell you one thing: Being an average girl falling in love with a vampire will cause many challenging situations 😉
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