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The Best Earning Kid in Television now Earns even More

Back in September of 2003 a new television series premiered on CBS. “Two and a half men” is a sitcom about Charlie (Charlie Sheen), his uptight brother Alan (Jon Cryer) and Alan’s son Jake (Angus T. Jones). This television show quickly became a huge success when it aired and has been ranked amongst the “Top 20 programs” every single season it’s been on. Check out this great show and more with Comcast Package Deals!

Being part of such a successful show does without doubt pay off for the involved actors.

The series has currently been renewed by CBS through at least 2012 and new contracts have been signed.

This was great news for the already best paid kid in television, Angus T. Jones.

A happy Jones back in 2003

Angus Jones had already been the best paid kid in television for a while, with a stunning 250,000$ per episode. When new contracts were signed to continue the show (at least) until the end of 2012, Jones got an ever better deal. On his 17th birthday he signed a new contract for the show. 300,000$ per episode is a nice paycheck to get for someone who’s not even old enough to buy a beer.

This paycheck is guaranteed for the next two years, and with a minimum of 48 episodes being shot during this time, Angus can sleep well at night. He’s getting more for this role than fellow kid actors like Miley Cyrus(Hanna Montana) and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly).

And if that wasn’t enough he even got a half a million bonus for signing the contract.

Jones with co-actors Jon Cryer (left) and Charlie Sheen (right)

Compared to co-actor Charlie Sheen, who will be earning more than a million per episode, Jones still has a bit to go.

On the other hand though, Angus Jones is only seventeen years old and we will probably see more of him in the future.

Who is Angus T. Jones really?

For many, Angus is solely known for his role in “Two and a half men”, but that’s far from all. If you think he just got this well-paid role for what turned out to become an award-winning sitcom by going to regular auditions, you’ll need to think again. There are actors that become overnight stars but Angus T. Jones is not one of those.

Jones started out in television commercials at the age of 4. Following this he managed to get a smaller role in the French movie Simpatico. This again lead to his breakthrough when he was cast for the 2001-movie “See spot run” alongside David Arquette.

After this he got smaller roles in bigger television shows, like “ER” and “Dinner With Friends”. The next movie-role he got was with Dennis Quaid in “The Rookie” , which gave him a nomination for the Young Artist Award.

After this he got his role in “Two and a half men” in 2003 and has been there ever since. The chubby little kid from back then is almost a grown-up man today, so what happens after the contract expires this time remains to be seen.

Angus T. Jones will probably be seen in movies and series to come, and if he needs a vacation – we’re sure he can afford that too!

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