20 of the Coolest iPad Cases

With Apple recently releasing he iPad in 10 more countries (including Norway, which is where I live), even more people are getting access to the best-selling tablet. A lot of them will be under Christmas trees this year, and accessories can be a good gift idea for those that already have them. Or maybe you want to buy it for yourself?

We’ve put together a list of 20 really cool iPad cases that we’ve found around the net and would love to share them with you.

Let’s have a look!

Bluetooth keyboard case

Tilt iPad Case

Rib cage

Elan passport

Flip jacket

Casual fabric case with band clip

Kenton Sorenson leather

Wood shellcase

Etch A Sketch


Book hardcover jacket

Sleek skin case

Hard shell

Eco-friendly sleeve

Platform jacket




Convertible book jacket

Squish air-filled case

Cool Gadgets for Christmas, anyone?

Christmas is right around the corner, whether we like it or not. We’ve put together a few suggestions to some really cool gadgets that you can get yourself for Christmas, buy for a friend, wish for or just buy because you want it. Here’s a variety of some things you may not have seen or even known existed.


Headphone hat

So! How about a hat with built-in headphones? Yes, it’s possible!

We’ve seen a few beanies before that had built-in earphones, but they’ve had some issues with both look and function. These are the first ones we’ve seen that seem really really promising. Both the classic version (the one in the picture) and a knitted version is available. Great for jogging, snowboarding, walks or just being a geek!

Electronic guitar T-shirt

How cool does it sound with a t-shirt that has an integrated, playable guitar?? Well, we think it sounds pretty amazing! There’s even a mini amp. Anyone can play this t-shirt. It’s almost a bit like guitar hero, just way cooler.

File cabinet for business cards

This is a great gift for any of them office geeks. A cabinet in mini size that is perfect for business cards. It even has a built-in clock too. It’ll take the office desk to a new level of coolness indeed.

Star Wars mimobots

Everyone knows a Star Wars fan and this is a great gift for them! These tiny memory sticks have 2gb storage and even have some Star Wars stuff on them when you get them (wallpapers, avatars, video and sound).

Credit card lightbulb

A very unusual card indeed. Push the bulb up vertically and it lights up! You may never have thought these even existed, but you’ll want one to impress your friends. We know we do!

Blade Runner LED Umbrella

Using an umbrella just never has been any cooler!

Coin saving jar

This is a great gift for savers. It keeps track of what you’ve put into the jar and is especially a great gift for kids that are starting to get some money of their own or others saving for something.

Survival kit in a sardine can

An air tight, waterproof sardine can (no sardins included) with a survival kit. Holds matches, simple medical equipment, a compass and a lot more. There’s a total of 25 useful pieces in this kit. A great gift for anyone, or buy one for the car, the boat and the home. Smart, simple and cheap!

13-in-1 multi tool pen

We’ve all heard of the swiss army knives, but have you heard of this pen? The pen sure is mightier than the sword when you’re getting this one! In addition to actually being a ballpoint pen, you’ll get a hole puncher, a stainless steel file, a short cutting blade, a screwdriver, a tweezer and more! Even James Bond will be jealous when you have this one.

Bacon soap

It’s for all the bacon lovers out there. A soap in a collectible tin that looks and smells just like bacon!

Those were our 10 tips for some christmas gift to others or yourself. There are tons and tons of gadgets out there for any interest and need. But be quick and order soon to make sure you’re getting them in time for christmas!