Must-See: Crazy Cool Pumpkin Carvings


It’s once again been Halloween, and one for many popular tradition is the pumpkin carving. This is a fun and cheap way for adults and kid to do something fun together and get a Jack-O-Lantern with their personal twist. Not all settle for the standard carvings though. Some compete against each other trying to make the most spectacular and unique carvings year after year. In this post we’ve put together an awesome collection of 20 carvings that are different from what you see every day. Maybe these will inspire you to make your own ones next year? Remember also that you can use melons, potatoes, apples and more to practice on if you want.

Leave us a comment if you have a picture of your own carvings to share or to tell us which one is your favorite!

Please enjoy!


Photo: Chicago Tribune




Photo: Chicago Tribune

Twisted face

Photo: Chicago Tribune


Photo: Dan Leveille

Xbox / Halo

Photo: Gina MK

Slammed in the head

Photo: Villafane studios


Photo: Villafane Studios


Photo: Chicago Tribune

Apple vs. Pumpkin

Photo: HesterOmegaStar

Guy Fawkes

Photo: Taka S.


Photo: Fhar

Ouch my head hurts

Photo: Moncoeur

The pumpkin that carves back

Photo: Ol-skratch


Photo: Timshinn73

Jolly Elder

Photo: JordanPierre AG

My Halloween II

Photo: Freemax


Photo: Hondahb6

Flower basket

Photo: Punkbouncer

Kitty Cat

Photo: NiQNak