Is the iPhone 5 Coming in July 2011?

The iPhone 4 hasn’t even been around for more than a few months and the rumors of an iPhone 5 are already flowing around the net. Many people seem to think that they know some of the new features that will be included and we decided to have a look at all the rumors and give you a summary of what we’ve found.

iPhone 4 was released earlier this summer and despite the reported problems with signals due to the phone being held a certain way, this phone sold more in shorter time than any of the previous models.

iPhone 5 expectations

All of the new and old apple fans out there expect the latest in technology and new features to stay interested. When the 4 came it had one of the best cameras and by far the best screen at the time. It only took short time before competitors, like Samsung and more, came out with their competing phones. Even though no one yet has managed to build up such a huge digital library of available apps, they’ve come closer (and some are better) when it comes down to the screen, looks, image quality and so on.

The Retina display was a huge upgrade for iPhone4. Can Apple take it a step further with iPhone5?

This leaves everyone having huge expectations for the iPhone 5, whenever it comes. After having had a look at many different forums and iPhone blogs around the web, we’ve found some of the expected features:

– no antenna problems

– better picture quality

– removable battery

– FM radio (still not included with iPhones even though “all” competitors have it)

– more memory

– faster processor

– better battery capacity (has been a problem with all iPhones)

– 4G

– High Definition audio

– and a lot more.

Will it happen?

Well, only time will tell if it will be released in June/July of 2011 or not. One thing that is for sure is that due to iPhone4 problems, apple will probably need a pretty quick release of a new phone to keep their customers happy. In the past we’ve seen that they have set their iPhone releases to June/July earlier and this means that it’s very likely to see a new phone around that time.

Will it be groundbreaking?

Can we expect a better processor?

As much as all tech fans want (and expect) Apple to come up with ground breaking features regularly, this phone will probably be seen as a good upgrade to the iPhone 4, without too many huge changes. We can most likely expect evolution rather than a revolution. We should be able to expect better battery life and better picture quality. If the 4G will be included is a bit unsure. To use this feature properly major telecoms companies will need to build up for the new technology very fast.

So we will just have to wait and see what happens. Thousands are waiting for new Apple products to come and the iPhone5 will surely be a best seller whenever it comes!

All images by: Apple