Could Your Next Pet Be Exotic?


Exotic or Domestic is the first question to ask yourself? Do you want a pet that is unusual or the more regular? There is a wide range of pets to choose from, besides the common dog, cat, or hamster choices.

However, exotic pets come with more responsibilities, thus the pet owner has to be ready and willing to do everything the pet needs. These pets may demand more time and plenty of attention, but are worth it, if you are an exotic pet fan.

There are many exotics pets to choose from. Prices can range from 100$ to $138.00 and sometimes there are legal obligations (requiring special license, etc.) to buying certain types of pets. So do the research first!  Research should include: the state laws for exotic pets (specific to the type you want), imported or breed in U.S. what the pet requires, health concerns (for pet and pet owner), what are the risks, and what are the advantages. Then decide if you really want to devote all that is required for the pet.


The kinkajous are a nocturnal rain forest native. Their food source is fruits and eggs. Treats could be marshmallows and gummi bears.


Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders are small marsupials from northeast Australia. These are also nocturnal, but still very social (so be ready to stay up late to play). These are recommended to buy in pairs for the social reasons.


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10 of The Weirdest Animals

“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty” By Albert Einstein

As Einstein’s quote states to embrace the whole of nature and its beauty, but at times its hard to see the true beauty in nature, especially with these weird animals.  The 10 animals listed are some of the weirdest creatures that inhabit earth. They are one of kind species. The beauty comes from their weirdness that makes them so unique.


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