11 Music Artists – Turned Actors


A lot of former music artists have the last decades chosen to either replace the stage with the silver screen. For some of these the choice has been a final change, while others have given it a shot and returned to music again. Today the transition between acting and music seems smaller than ever, giving us back the “entertainers” that were more common a few decades back. There are even some of these were it can be hard to remember or know how they actually started out to begin with. These creatives usually have many talents and it seems singing and acting often walks hand-in-hand. Did you know that J.Lo started out as a dancer, or that Will Smith started rapping, before becoming his alter ego in the Fresh Prince sitcom? Keep reading to find out even more!

Here are 11 of them!

Elvis Presley

When it comes to being able to pair up the careers of music and film, Elvis is one for the history books. He starred in over 30 movies and when it comes to his music it’s all part of the music history. His movies were mainly self-promotional.

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