Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher together in a new romantic comedy

Director and producer Ivan Reitman will return behind the camera in May of this year to direct a romantic comedy written by Elisabeth Meriwether, for Paramount Pictures. Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher will be the main characters. The project already has a release date, 7 January 2011.

If the partnership between Portman and Kutcher on the screen may not look so inspired, you have to know that the prouction is made in partnership with the two’s production companies. The title, for now, is  Friends with Benefits – this title also relates to the story a bit, it’s about how easy it is to have sex and how difficult it is to emotionally get involved with someone..

Reitman has directed the Ghostbusters movies and he’s working on Ghostbusters 3 for Sony Pictures. His first Oscar nomination came this year, for the Up In The Air movie, a movie that he produced and directed by his son, Jason Reitman.

Portman just finished filming Black Swan, directed by Darrn Aronofsky and she is stating to film Thor. We recently seen Kutcher in Valentine’s Day and we will see him again in Killers, a comedy with a lot of action, along side Katherine Heigl.

Natalie Portman

Top 30: Tearjerkers Movies

Nicknamed “tearjerkers”, these movies reach a sensible side of the viewers. In the list were included almost all genres: dramas, musicals, SF’s and romantic movies.

So, get ready to see which are these movies and how can they impress you.

Hachiko: A dog’s story ( 2009 ) – a remake of the japonese Hachiko Monogatari, made in 1987 and inspired by a real story. It tells the relantionship between a college teacher and a dog he finds on the street and takes him home. The movie is impressing especially for animal lovers.  The leading man in this movie is Richard Gere.

Richard Gere - A dog's story

About Schmidt ( 2002 ) – Jack Nicholson is Warren Schmidt, an insurance salesman who realizes that retirement is more difficult than the boring life he endured more than 40 years at work. When his wife dies suddenly, Schmidt goes crazy. Warren is desperate to find a meaning in his entirely empty life.

Jack Nicholson - About Schmidt

Moulin Rouge! ( 2001 ) – an impressive musical directed by Baz Luhrmann. The movie tells the love story between Christian ( Ewan McGregor ) and Satine ( Nicole Kidman ) the star of the Moulin Rouge club and the most famos woman in Paris. Satine must divide her love between Christian and her obligation for the man that gave her everything in life.

The Kid ( 1921 ) – one of Charlie Chaplin’s masterpieces, who gives us not only laughs but also tears. A mother leaves her child, putting him into a limo. The car is stolen an the criminals abandon the child near a dumpster. Chaplin, playing a homeless man, finds the kid and adopts him.

Charlie Chaplin - The Kid

Ghost ( 1990 ) – Patrick Swayze plays a ghost who team’s up with a psychic, played by Whoopi Goldberg, to find the truth behind his death and to save his girlfriend ( Demi Moore ) from the same fate. Everyone who loved at least once in their life will love this movie.


Million Dollar Baby ( 2004 ) – Frankie Dunn ( Clint Eastwood ), a veteran boxing coach, takes  Maggie Fitzgerald under his wing, a gifted woman with an ironclad will. The two get on each other’s nerves but they also support each other. Their relationship brutally change only then when life kicks them in the butt.

Million Dollar Baby

Cinema Paradiso ( 1989 ) – a movie that will go straight to the hearts of all movie lovers. Giuseppe Tornatore’s movie tells the story of Toto who lives his childhood and adolescence with Alfredo ( Philippe Noiret ), who works as a projector man in the local movie theatre. Extremely emotional is the return of Toto, after many years, and his discovery of Alfredo’s legacy.

Cinema Paradiso

Titanic ( 1997 ) – huge box office success and many more millions of tears in the entire world. The love story between Jack Dawson ( Leonardo DiCaprio ( and Rose Dewitt Bukater ( Kate Winslet ) happens in the background of the Titanic tragedy, at the beginning of the century. The two come from different social classes and their story consumes only in a few days that are left until the Titanic finds his everlasting place on the bottom of the ocean.


The Notebook ( 2004 ) – Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun share a beautiful love story which is not accepted by the girl’s parents because of their social standards. They move to another city, far away from Noah. After many years in which Noah does not answer to any letters, Allie gets married. The two meet again and notice that their love is still alive.

The Notebook

Philadelphia ( 1993 ) -a homophobic black lawyer ( Denzel Washington ) is obligated to face his prejudice when he accepts to defend a client sick of AIDS ( Tom Hanks ) against the company which fired him. This is one of the best roles by Tom Hanks.


Stand By Me ( 1986 ) – the movie is inspired by Stephen King’s ” The Body ” and directed by Bob Reiner. It tells the story of four kids who embark in a journey that will prematurely mature them. An impressive drama which happens at the end of their  childhood.

stand by me

The curious case of Benjamin Button ( 2008 ) – David Fincher brought to the big screen the story of a man who was born at 80 years and instead of him getting older, he gets younger. The main roles are played by Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt.

Dead Poets Societ ( 1989 ) – and the end of the 50’s, in an elite school in New England, an english teacher ( Robin Williams ) teaches his students to unleash their passions. The movie is directed by Peter Weir.

dead poets society

Lilya 4-ever ( 2002 ) – the swedish movie follows Lilya’s destiny, a 16 years old girl who’s family life falls apart and her life will most likely direct to poverty and prostitution. The girl ends up thinking about suicide, betrayed and abandoned by everyone.

Field of Dreams ( 1989 ) – Ray Kinsella ( Kevin Costner ) is a farmer with a lot of dreams, who decides to transform one of them to reality. A baseball fanatic, he builds a field near his home, on which famos names from the world of baseball will come and play, names that left our world..

Field of dreams

Beaches ( 1989 ) – Cecilia ( Bette Midler ) and Hillary ( Barbara Hershey ) are friends since they met on vacation in Atlantic City, and rarely they had serious disputes, they loved the same man but didn’t forget about each other. This is why, a sick Hillary, picks Cecilia to continue raising her doughter.


Brokeback Mountain ( 2005 ) – tells the love story between to men, Ennis del Mar ( Heath Ledger ) and Jack Twist ( Jake Gyllenhaal, who meet in the summer of 1963 and will share a lifelong bond, who’s complications, joys and tragedies are the proof of the strength of their love.

brokeback mountain

The Wrestler ( 2008 ) – Randy “The Ram” Robinson ( mickey rourke ) a professional wrestler famous in the 80’s is forced to retire when a heart attack occurs, thinking he might die on the ring. Even so, the man enters the ring one more time to fight against an old opponent.

the wrestler

Kes ( 1969 ) – Len Loach’s movie tells the story of a needy kid, who finds comfort in training a wild bird. The movie is very emotional.


To Kill a Mockingbird ( 1962 ) – A series of protests are triggered with the purpose to lynch Rom Tobinson ( Brock Peters ). The prisoner is a colored man accused of rape. The most respected lawyer in Alabama, Atticus Finch ( Gregory Peck ) decides to defend this man, risking his career.

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Shawshank Redemption ( 1994 ) – Andy Dufresne, a young bancher, is sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife and her lover, although Andy says he’s innocent. In jail, Andy meets Red, a black man who is there for 20 years now. Andy will come up with an elaborate plan to escape, but also to punish the prison’s warden. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins are excellent as leading men in this movie.

The Shawshank Redemption

Brief Encounter ( 1945 ) – at a train station coffee house, Laura Jesson meets doctor Alec Harvey. Although the woman is already married, the two fall in love with each other. They continue to meet every Thursday in the small coffee shop, knowing that their love is impossible.

Grave of the Fireflies ( 1988 ) – the extremely painful story of two orphan kids, who try to survive in the ruins of Japan, after the war. The five years old girl dies of hunger and is incinerated by her brother who keeps her ashes in a little box.

Grave of the Fireflies

The elephant Man ( 1980 ) – the movie is inspired by a real story. Dr. Frederick Treves ( Anthony Hopkins ) goes at a circus and there he sees a man with a very weird physical issue. They begin to share a very beautiful friendship.

The elephant Man

Up ( 2009 ) – tells the story of Carl ( Edward Asner ), a man in his 70’s who flies away with his home with the help of many multicolor balloons. The man’s plan, who wants to keep a promise made to his wife, is to explore the entire world, but his plan has a minor flaw: when he has taken off with his home, on the porch of his house there were an 8 years old young boy…


E.T. The Extra Terrestrial ( 1982 ) – This Steven Spielberg classic movie tells the story of an Extraterrestrial who remains stranded on our planet. He is discovered by a 10 years old boy and they become friends.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

The Green Mile ( 1999 ) – Based on the famous Stephen King novel published in 1996. The story takes place in year 1935, on the death row area of a prison in the southern united states and tells the amazing story of a prison guard and his unusual friendly relationship between him and one of the prisoners who is blessed with a magic gift.

The Green Mile

It’s a wonderful Life ( 1946 ) – The story of a boy who wants to commit suicide on Christmas Eve. The encounter with his guardian angel will change his view about life. The angel shows the man how the world would have been if he didn’t existed.

It's a wonderful Life

Bambi ( 1942 ) – a  deer cub remains alone in the world when his mother dies. He becomes friends with other animals in the woods and learns to survive. A classic movies for all ages.


Schindler’s List ( 1993 ) – the movie tells the real story of enigmatic Oskar Schindler, member of the Nazy Party, who manages to save the life of more than 1100 jewish people during the holocaust. The main role is played by Liam Neeson.

Schindler's List