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Gilmore Girls Revival Details

There are plenty of questions about the Gilmore Girls revival and quite a few answers floating around the Internet. One of the biggest questions centers around the cast and characters who will be returning on the new series, and for the most part it looks like quite a few important characters will be coming back—plus of course the main characters. Aside from the obvious Gilmore Girls themselves, Lorelai and Rory, all of Rory’s major boyfriends will be seen in the new addition to the series. Recently an interview with Ventimiglia was conducted. If you didn’t already know, Ventimiglia played the role of Jess, one of Rory’s previous love interests. Jess played a rather hardcore, leather-jacket wearing lover-of-words. The two parted ways in the sixth season, after which Jess went on to his new life and Rory returned to Logan. Ventimiglia expressed his great enthusiasm at rejoining the cast of Gilmore Girls and reprising his role. There were no questions about returning to the show if he was ever given the opportunity to do so.

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Many details regarding characters in the show—including Jess—are being kept secret so as not to spoil the upcoming episodes. It is known that Gilmore Girls will start back up years later after the characters have matured and aged somewhat. According to Ventimiglia his character Jess would be returning to Stars Hollow in order to “accomplish” something, but exactly what he is to accomplish is yet unknown.

Ventimiglia also stated that fans likely won’t be too surprised by how Jess turns out and develops over the years, as it is very in sync with his character. Ventimiglia himself said that he was not surprised by what he discovered about his character. He also stated that he could appreciate Jess for who he was. The new Jess will be in many ways the same old Jess from the previous Gilmore Girls. He will still have the endearing sarcasm that was characteristic for him—although he will likely be changed in some aspects, underneath it all he is still the same smart aleck that he was from the very second season.

He is still something of a “badass,” according to Ventimiglia, who also says that Jess always had a “heart of gold” despite being a misguided troublemaker.

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Ventimiglia said that when he walked away from Gilmore Girls on April 18th of this year it wasn’t all that difficult. He attributes this to the fact that he keeps in touch with people and many of his friendships go beyond his career as an actor. Ventimiglia said that rather than saying “goodbye for good” it feels like he is just saying “I’ll see you around.” Of course, this is very encouraging to those who hope that the Gilmore Girls revival is just getting started, and is only the first of more seasons. Although this is certainly not yet confirmed, the future might be hopeful for those fans of Gilmore Girls. Either way, fans are more than excited to embrace the new episodes that have been filmed. When you sign up for one of the AT&T U-verse Packages, will be able to watch all the episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival.