Little Light Bulb Vases – Watt An Idea!

lightbulbvaseIf you have little bit of extra time on your hands, or are looking for a new and exciting project, you’ve found yourself something fun right here! It is always fun to find new and creative ways with which to display beautiful flowers in your home. Create your very own light bulb vase through these simple steps. For the creation of this amazing and inexpensive vase, you will need gloves, glasses (protective eye wear, preferably), a light bulb, a screw driver, and a pair of needle nosed pliers and at least a foot long piece of flexible metal wire. Once you have compiled all six of these things, it is time to start hollowing out your light bulb. This will be the trickiest part of the creation of your light bulb vase. First take off the silver solder point at the end of your light bulb. Do this by giving it a good twist with your needle nosed pliers. After that is removed, carefully crack the black glass insulator with your pliers.

lightbulbvase2Make sure that you are wearing your gloves, as the glass from this step can be very sharp. Break the glass insulator over a towel, a paper towel, a paper bag, the trash can, or the sink in order to prevent a sharp mess. Once the black glass insulator has been removed, you will be able to see a small glass tube within the light bulb. Use your screw driver to gently break the glass tube inside the light bulb, without breaking the light bulb itself of course! Pull the broken glass tube out with your pliers. You can shake the rest of the contents of your light bulb out, or you can remove them with your needle nosed pliers. The empty light bulb will most likely still have a white dusting on the inside, if it is not a 100% clear light bulb. The powder on the inside of a typical light bulb is not hazardous, and can be cleaned out with a tissue. Rub the tissue around the inside of the light bulb gently with your screw driver. If this does not work, you can rinse the empty light bulb out with water. Do not do this with fluorescent lights, as the powder in the inside of them is hazardous to your health!


When your light bulb is empty, you are ready to create a vase! Twist some flexible metal wire around the top of the light bulb, but below the metal screw area. This will help to ensure that the wire will stay attached to the empty light bulb. Wrap the wire around a nail, or another object that it can hang from. Fill your light bulb vase half full of water, and place a flower or several flowers in it as well.

For lightbulbvase4another fun project, you can put a small amount of dirt in your light bulb, plant a vine, hang it up, and watch it grow. This funky new vase can spice up any room, from the living room to the kitchen, or even your pergola. Follow these easy steps and in no time at all, you can add a new, personal touch to your home with light bulb vase! Watt an Idea!