How to write a paper in an hour or less!

From facebook to myspace, there are just too many social medias that get in the way of me doing my work…of anyone doing their work. Next thing you know you are sitting at your desk at midnight when your paper is due by 8 am the next morning. Well, after doing this more times than I can count, I did a little research and learned…

How to write a paper in less than an hour.

This is not for the weak of heart. It takes commitment and preparation to be able to crank out a solid five page or less paper in less than an hour. Just follow this simple advice:

  • Think! (From the time you get the assignment and know when it is due you should be thinking of what your paper is going to be on, what you want it to lead to, and what you are sure you want to cover.)
  • Make a thesis! (Obvious advice, I know, but it’s basic…if you write out your three main points as soon as you know them it makes research a lot easier and the focus of your paper…and your mind, a lot easier to follow.)
  • Think of the end when you think of the beginning! (After you know the general idea of where you want your paper to go, you should already have in mind of where you want to end. If you can’t foresee an ending as you are writing…either your topic is too broad or you may end up getting lost in your own ideas. Stay on track.)
  • Research! (No, you can’t skip out on this one. This is necessary. But if you took the first steps seriously this should be much easier, and much more focused…no need for 15 books when you are only going to use 3)
  • AVOID THE INTRODUCTION! (Confused? Well, as was I. But this makes sense…because how can you write an intro to a paper that hasn’t even been written yet? It is best to save the introduction for the end, this way you can get to the facts and write what you know first without getting stuck on how to introduce it.)
  • Bullets are your friend! (If you don’t know how to complete a thought, don’t. Simply leave it with a note and come back later once you’ve got your head on straight again.)
  • Conclude and Include! (Finish off your paper and remember that supporting statements are your friend. Go back and correct what needs correcting, etc. Finish with a strong statement that can also be used in your intro, main points and thesis, and a thought to complete the paper…then go back and write your intro with the same thesis and strong statement with a few supporters in between.)

YOU HAVE JUST WRITTEN A PAPER IN NO TIME! Trust me, if I can write a 5 page paper the night before it’s due, anyone can. Just put your annoyance aside and write.

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