Top Celebrities who are bad in bed!

Being a celebrity does not make you perfect! At least not regarding sex. Many of today’s celebrities want to appear as real macho men or sexy bombs. And they manage to do so, but only until one of their ex partners decides to make some pretty embarrassing statements.

Here’s a Top 10 list of celebrities who are real distastes in bed! We found some very unexpected names on this list, and I am sure you are also going to be surprised…

10. Kristin Cavallari said about Brody Jenner that she is very bad in bed and that he doesn’t have any idea how to use other parts of his body during sex other than his genitals.

09. Who would have thought that Elvis Presley was bad in bed ? Almost none of his million fans! However, one woman, Natalie Wood, said that Elvis was a total failure in bed.

08. Jared Leto received a C from a Playboy Bunny. She said that Jared was not bad, but she didn’t felt as good as she did with other men.

07. One of the reasons why Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen divorced as sex. Denise said, even in front of the Judge, that Charlie preferred to pleasure himself by watching porn movies than to have sex with her. What can be worse that than? Other are trying, at least!

06. Charlize Theron was not at all pleased in bed by her ex boyfriend, Stuart Townsend. She doesn’t admits it, but one of her best friends does. She confessed that Stuart had no sexual appetite despite the fact that Charlize is a very beautiful woman, and their relationship has started to be more like a sister – brother relationship, and this is one of the reasons why Charlize ended it.

05. One of Jesse James’s ex girl friends said that he was extremely selfish when having sex and he doesn’t think for a second about pleasuring his partner. All he cares about are his own needs.

04. The ex girl friend of Russel Brand, Georgina Baillie said, honestly, that Russel was a real disappointment in bed and that he was also weird during sex. Why ? Because when having sex he screamed one of the most famous lines of Georgina’s grand father: Que ? Que ? Que ?. Georgina’s grand father is Andrew Sachs!

03. Maria Sharapova is a nightmare in bed! This has been said by Adam Levine, the singer of Maroon 5 who wasn’t shy to reveal the fact that Sharapova was the worse sex partner he ever had.

02. The ex nanny of Woody Allen said about Colin Farrell that he is very bad at this sex thing! ” I had to mime orgasm after orgasm in order for him to be pleased with himself! I thought this was polite! He’s not a sex god, not like someone that slept with a lot of women. If I didn’t knew who he is, I would have thought that it was the first time for him. He once finished everything in 10 seconds because he was sleepy” she said.

01. An exotic dancer said about 50 cent that he is not as macho as he looks and instead of taking care of business, he behaves like a 14 years old boy. The dancer said that they might not even had sex together if she didn’t took the initiative and that she was very disappointed when she noticed that his penis was only 5.5 inches. ” I would give him a C because he was respectful” the dancer said.

BONUS!  The beautiful Australian model, Sophie Monk said about herself that she is a total fluke when it comes to sex. She also said that nobody has told her this, but that some things you just know without being told. Although she’s not a mega celebrity, we mentioned her here because you need to see how a woman that is bad at sex looks like.