Top 10 hottest sex scenes between women in movies of all times!

Movie producers know that sex attracts millions of people in movie theaters. When it comes to sex between two women, the situation becomes even more inciting. When it comes to sex scenes between two beautiful and famous actresses, then the movie theaters are full very quickly.

Here’s a top 10 hottest sex scenes between movies, scenes that we have seen in movies, of course.

10. Jessica Pare and Piper Perabo are not so popular outside the US. However, in the United States they made many people drool over their scene in “Lost and Delirious”.

9. The Monkey Mask is a cop movie that we haven’t hard so many things for a long time, but everyone that saw it surely remembers the hot scenes between Susie Porter and Kelly McGillis.

08. The “Head in the Clouds” movie had many qualities despite the fact that it was a box office failure. Charlize Theron’s role was critically acclaimed, this would be the first quality. The second is.. the fact that Charlize and Penelope Cruz become extremely intimate at some point and we don’t have the chance to see two beautiful young actresses making out every day.

07. The scene between Jennifer Tilly¬† and Gina Gershon in “Bound” does not have any maximum nudity. Even so, it is considered by many people very sexy and exciting.

06 About “Desert Hearts” everybody said it’s the best lesbian movies ever made! The hot scenes between Helen Shaver and Patricia Charbonneau were also greatly appreciated for the maximum sensuality and extreme eroticism.

05 If about Juliette Binoche we can say that she’s full of sexuality regardless of the situation, when it comes to Lena Olin we think that she might be better suited for decent roles. The sex scene between the two actresses in “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” is, by extension, very controversial.

04 Now we are going to talk about an exceptional and very famous scene. “Cruel Intentions” will remain in history for it’s high class eroticism, and the kiss between Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Geller made a lot of people drool, women and men of course.

03 Anne Heche is a declared lesbian, and Joan Chen confessed a few times that she is not dedicated sexually only to men so the sex scene between the two in the “Wild Side” movie should have been hot! But its more than that, it’s simply fabulous.

02. Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve are the protagonists of one of the most known sex scenes between women in all the movie history! The two actresses had the opportunity to “have sex” in “The Hunger”. What they didn’t knew that that time was the fact that both of them are going to become two of the most famous women in the world.

01 About the sex scenes between Angelina Jolie and Elizabeth Mitchell in “Gia”, many people have talked a lot and dozens of pages were written after Angelina became one of the most popular actresses in the world. The sex scenes would have been just as hot if Angelina remained anonymous.