Top 10 celebrities that lost their virginity very early in their youth!

The first time we have sex remains imprinted in or memory for the rest of our life.

This is also the case with Hollywood celebrities, who are of course, people just like us. Not all stars accept to talk about their first sexual experience, but those of them who decide to take this step, have some good stories to tell. In this article we are going to find out that Hollywood virginity doesn’t last very long. Here’s a top 10 of celebrities that lost their virginity very early in their life.

10. Matthew Mcconaughey is very discrete when it comes to losing his virginity. He only said that the event happened when he was 15 years, but, out of decency, he hasn’t given any details about his sex partner at that time.

09. Although everybody thought that the first man in Britney Spears’s life was Justin Timberlake, she lost her virginity at 14 years old to an anonymous high school boyfriend.

08. Kate Moss lost her virginity in a very exotic way. We don’t know who was her partner, but the location was the Bahamas and she was only 14 years old. Details about the loss of her virginity appeared in the unauthorized biography of the model.

07. Angelina Jolie said that she was very horny from a young age and her first attempts happen even in kinder garden. At that time however she only kissed boys. She lost her virginity when she was 14 years old, with her first boyfriend. According to Angelina, she wasn’t very happy with the performance of the young man, because as soon as the sex was over, she started to cut him with the knife ..

06. Kelly Osbourne lost her virginity at 13 years old and then she was convinced she was pregnant, although she haven’t experienced her first period at that age. At least this is what she says.

05. Benicio del Toro said during an interview to a men magazine she her lost his virginity at 13 years old. The actor confessed that he liked girls since he was 3 or 4 years old and that losing his virginity was to him the fulfillment of a desire he had for a very long time.

04. P. Diddy said that his first attempt to have sex was at 7 years old. Unfortunately for him he was caught by his mother and by his nanny and they gave him a beating because of his dirty thoughts and attempt. So, he lost his virginity at 13 years old and the event took place in an hotel room in New York.

03. Johnny Depp became a man at only 13 years old. At that time he was part of a music band and he had sex for the first time in the van they used to go on tour. His partner was one of their fans.

02. Matthew Fox, the star from “Lost lost his virginity at only 12 years old. His partner was a 14 years old young woman and this wasn’t the first time for her…

01. The memories of Sean Connery about the first time he had sex are very blurry. The actor remembers that it happened when he was only 8 years old, but he doesn’t remember who his partner was. What can we do? All we can do is to believe Sir Sean Connery!