This is how newspapers will look like in the future

The written media is going through a hard time. Sitting between the Internet and economical and political interests just like between the rock and the hammer, the credibility and technology are two of the biggest problems of the media right now.

At least one of them, the Internet threat, might be countered with the help of technology.

For this purpose, LG has started the mass production of the products that will make their way in the future instead of books, newspapers and written magazines. We are referring to a e-paper color type screen ( electronic paper ) measuring 9.7 inch and another black and white e-paper measuring 19 inch. The last one is flexible and might look exactly like the one in the image below.

If ( or better said when ) engineers will find a solutions to implement different technologies into such a device, technologies like an efficient battery or a 3G module, we might witness the appearance of an electronic newspaper, connected to the Internet. We might receive in real time the latest news and articles.

But, about the e-paper from LG, the only specifications known right now are the weight of 130 grams and thickness of 0.3 mm. It remains to be seen how and how soon things will evolve in this very important area for those that like to read books and newspapers.