Penelope Cruz, topless at the beach

Penelope Cruz fully enjoyed her vacation!

Penelope Cruz spend her almost her entire vacation at the beach, alone or along side her husband, Javier Bardem. Because she likes to the sun so much, she took off her bra, without caring that she might be photographer by the paparazzi.

The photos that appeared on a Belgian web site and then also published by a Dutch web site, have been seen by a lot of internet users, and they shattered the belief that Penelope Cruz had breasts surgery, and convinced that she all she has mother nature gave her.

When she is not on vacation, Penelope Cruz is working with Adrien Brody at The Passion Within movie. The love scenes between the two of them makes Javier Bardem very angry, according to a source.

“Javier was very angry. The thought that another man can touch his wife in such a way makes him furious” said that source.

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  1. The Passion Within is called “Manolete” in the USA and was made in 2006, and released in Spain, France, Germany and the UK earlier this year. I think Javier saw it a long time ago, and I doubt he cares. She’s obviously very much in love with him.

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