Nikon D3100, the first DSLR Nikon Full HD!

Nikon announced the first DSLR ( Digital Single Lens Reflex ) which is capable of Full HD video recording.

Nikon D3100 is the successor of D3000 and comes with a new CMOS 14,2 mega pixels sensor, 11 focus points, a Full HD video recording mode and Live View with automatic focus mode, even during video recording.What it has in common with the previous model is the Guide mode, which now offers example images for different settings.

The wide range of automatic settings includes the Automatic Scene selector which automatically picks the best mode. Scene recognition, a system that analysis theĀ  frame in order to optimize the settings of the photo camera and the Guide mode, which offers, step by step, all the required information to create the desired photo.

The D-Movie mode offers, besides the Full HD video recording, a full series of incorporated video editing features and automatic focus during filming. Nikon introduced with the D3100 an image processing system, named EXPEED 2, which improves the performance of the CMOS sensor.

Nikon D3100 will be available on the market starting with October.