Jailbreaking for iPhone used for malware

With the legitimacy of Jailbreaking ( The process that allows you access to the iPhone system files, and allowing you to install third party applications ) in the United States, hackers have started a wide campaign to spread malware.

Jailbreaking was declared legal on July 26, 2010. This means that iPhone users can install and unblock any mobile phone without legal consequences. Still, those who want to unblock the iPhone phone have to be very careful with the software they ware using for this purpose.

Users are announced via email of a new application for Jailbreaking. To get the application, they are invited to click on a link that takes us to a web site where the program can be downloaded.

This way, malware authors can intercept information like: visited web sites, username and passwords, banking information, pin unmber, account numbers and so on.