CPU “killing” viruses, Intel buys McAfee to kill them too!

The most important purchase of the year belongs to Intel. The CPU manufacturer purchased McAfee, known for their complete security solutions: anti virus, firewall, anti spam, web filtering, email protection and so on.

Intel offered 7.6 billion dollars! 60% more than the current market value of the company, which makes us wonder what kind of virus scared Intel so much ?!

Well, we think that these viruses are actually viruses that are targeting the CPU and use it at full capacity so that you can’t run any other applications, not even your anti virus solutions, especially when everything happens online ( Cloud type applications ). So, a hardware solution might fix the problem.

The Cloud Computing phenomenon, although users are not very familiar with it, represents a sure thing for the future for software developers like Microsoft, Apple, etc. Intel wants to be able to offer hardware that is able to block malware programs, this way attracting the software developers on it’s side.

For the regular user, an anti virus solution, efficiently integrated in the hardware, can only represent a more sense of security. How would it be to no longer worry about installing an anti virus software? We think it would be great.