100 things you don’t know about the World!

Most of the times, the world, like we imagine it, it’s very different in reality. This is proved by studies are statistics that are offered to the public by specialized organizations. Surprisingly or not, we live in a world about which we know so little. But how many things do we actually know about the world we live in? Below, you will be able to see a list of 100 things you probably don’t know about the world.

Education. There are 22 countries in which more than half the population is illiterate. 15 of them are in Africa. In Mali, children spend, on average, only two years in school. Most of them start to work from ages between 10 and 14 years. The biggest teachers salaries are in Switzerland. Here, the average salary of a rookie teacher starts from $33,000 USD per year. Students in Japan and South Korea are considered to be the best math and exact sciences students in the world.

Teachers in Island represent 7.8% of the total work force in this fountry. We also mention the fact that they are working only 38 weeks per year.An interesting statistic shows the fact that in Central Europe teachers are mostly women. In Hungary, Greece and Slovakia, more than 75% of teachers are women.

In Indonesia, more than half the teachers are not 30 years old yet.

In Island, only one third of college graduates are man.

Do you want to know which country has the most geniuses ? Try island! This country has 3 Nobel Prize winners for every 1 million inhabitants.

Economy and Army

41% of the world’s poorest people live in India.

72% of the Mali population earn less than 1 dollar / day

8 of the most developed european states are: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Island, Luxembourg and Denmark.

The most appreciated 10 touristic destinations in the world are: France, Spain, USA, Italy, China, England, Austria, Mexico, Germany and Canada. In total, the two countries share 49,6% of the tourists world wide.

The number of tourists in San Marino is 19 times more higher than the population of this country.

Some of the most 15 generous countries in the world ( from a donations point of view ) only five of them are not European: USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Canada only has 9000 people working for their naval forces and this despite of fact of being the country with the largest coast in the world.

Bolivia, however, has 4500 military men in their naval forces. A pretty big number if we think that this country is not connected to any sea.

In a top of the countries that invests the most in the military, USA is the leader.

Almost half of the weapons exported to the development countries comes from USA.


The population of Andorra lives, on average, more than their neighbors from France and Spain.

China’s working forces counts 706million people. Three times more than all the European countries added together and twice than USA and South America together.

The population of Luxembourg is considered the richest of the world, and also the most generous.

If you like children, visit Uganda. Half of this country’s population is under 15.

Do you like to live int he city? Try Guadelupa, Nauru, Monaco, Singapore, Bermuda or Gibraltar. These are the only countries which are 100% urbanized.

25% of the Monaco population is over 65 years old.

Sri Lanka is the country with the smallest divorce rate in the world. A coincidence or not, this country has the highest women suicide rate in the world.

There are 11 countries in which a woman gives birth, on average, to at least 10 children. 10 of these countries are in Africa. The exception is Afghanistan.

The highest marriage rate is in US. Also, US holds the record for the highest divorce rate.

If you are Swedish or Dutch, chances are that when you are old you can find yourself in a nursing home. If you are Japanese, if you a lot of chances of spending your final days in the same house with your own  children.

China still holds the record for the most populated country. Even so, there are 71 countries in which are more crowded than China.

More than 3 people are living in the same house in Europe and North America. However it seams that people in US like to live along. USA holds the record of people that are living alone.

Kazakhstan is the biggest country that doesn’t have an ocean exit.

Kazakhstan is also the 9th country in the world as surface, after Russia, Canada, USA, China, Brazil, Australia, India and Argentina.


In a top 15 of most unhappy people, all countries can be found in Eastern Europe.

In the same top, Bulgaria occupies the first place, with 62% of population that are unhappy with their living conditions. On the two and third places we can find Moldavia, Belarus.

Australians are the most optimistic when it comes to signing up for charity, sports or unions. Even so, only 3% of the population are members in a political party.

An interesting statistics shows that the top five coffee consuming countries are the same countries in which the trust between people is also the highest. We are referring to countries like Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Netherlands.

Another study shows that in all countries, all of the household chores are mostly done by women.

Canadians are the biggest consumers of natural juices in the world. On average, one person consumes at least 1 liter of natural juice / week.

In the United States we can find the biggest numbers of computers.

Andorra is the country that has a 0% unemployment rate. Also, Andorra doens’t have any TV stations.

In India, the number of movie viewers is of 3 billion each year, more than in any other country.

Taiwan and Luxembourg are the only countries in the world that has more mobile phones than people.

In Eastern Europe, the most unemployed people are women.

61,5% of Swedish people are working on average 40 hours per week. The situation is different in Norway. Only 15.8% of the population are working that much.

In Switzerland, a person with a medium wage has to work 102 minutes to be able to afford a pound of meat. On a similar note, the same person has to work only 14 hours to afford a refrigerator.

If you are looking for a job, try the Falkland islands. The unemployment rate there is 0% and employers are still looking for people to hire.

In Denmark, workers are doing 150 more strikes in 1 year than in Germany.

The most influential women in the business environment can be found in North America. Half of the Czech men are working in factories.

On average, In Kenya, a woman works 35% more than a man.

The hardest working conditions for women can be found in Guatemala. Here, a women works on average up to 11,5 hours / day.

In Sweden, there is 1 bus for every 1000 people.

In England, a person drinks annually more tea than 23 Italians combined.

Norwegians  are the biggest coffee consumers in the world. On average, a person drinks 15 times more coffee than someone from Ireland.

United States holds the record for the biggest number of McDonald’s restaurants, 433 restaurants for every 100.000 people.

Coincidence or not, USA has the biggest number of people that are dying because of obesity. More fatalities than in Mexico, Germany, Spain, Austria and Canada combined.

Americans are also the biggest alcohol consumers in the world.


Most of the people from Zambia do not live to turn 40 years old.

From the first 40 countries where the average age does not go over 40 years, 34 of them can be found in Africa.

In Botswana, one of three people with ages between 15 and 49 is infected with the HIV virus.

In New Zealand , most women choose to give birth after they turn 30 years old. Opposite this, in the US, 22% of young women give birth while they are still teenagers.

Mexican women spend, on average, more than 15% of their life time in maternal leave. In Ethiopia,  9 out of 10 births happen without medical assistance.

The most plastic surgeries take place in US. On the second place we can find Mexico.

More than half the doctors in Finland are women.

One out of three italian children are born through a C-Section.

Switzerland is the country with the most hospital beds in report to the population. Also, people from Switzerland spend, on average, 10 days / year in the hospital.

Geography and Nature

Only two of the world’s countries do not have water access to the seas and oceans of the planets: Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan.

If you are sick of living in a crowded country, move to Greenland.

The mall in Washington DC is 1,4 times bigger than the entire surface of the Vatican.

Brazil occupies 48,7% of the entire surface of South America.

Canada is the country with the biggest coastal area in the world, more than 200,000 kilometers, more than the coastal area of the entire Pacific Ocean.

Antarctica is the most inhospitable area. 98% of the entire surface of this southern continent is covered in ice. The rest of 2% is represented by deserts of rocks.

Almost half the surface of the Ecuador state is considered natural reservation.

Indonesia is the home of the biggest number of mammals in the world  but also the home of the biggest number of extinct mammals.

There are more species of reptiles in Australia then in all the countries where they can be found, combined.

Libia is the only state that has a single color on it’s flag.

Criminality and Mortality

In the United States, you have 66% more chances of being sued than,let’s say, France.

If you live in Montserrat you have to be very careful what you’re doing. 1% of the entire population works in the local police.

In the US there are more inmates that in any other country in the world. 0.7% of the entire US population is in prison.

Two thirds of the total executions, world wide, take place in China.

The most kidnappings take place in Columbia,

In Russia there are twice as many judges than in US. In the same time, the criminality rate is 8 times bigger in the US.

One out of three Australians were, at some time, the victims of a crime.

The biggest number of crimes is registered in the US.