Top 10 most sexy young actors in Hollywood!

There is no age limit in Hollywood, and teenagers end up looking like some real macho men, if the industry asks for it. Right now, you can’t really tell for sure if an actor is 16 or 25 years old.

Here’s a Top 10 of young sexy actors in Hollywood who didn’t turn 21 yet.
10. Ryan Sheckler has many advantages. He’s a real athlete, he’s more comfortable on the skateboard than Victoria Beckham on high heels, he’s famous and has a nice movie career in front of him and also some amazing eyes. No wonder girls are crazy about him.
09. American Idol turned David Archuleta into a real star. Besides the fantastic voice he is also beautiful, and teenagers in the US are just crazy when he walks down the street.
08. Cody Linley owes his fame to Hannah Montana. Although right now he seams to be just a boy, sources say that he is not so “good” outside the movie screen, and girls fall in his arms one by one.
07. Lucas Till. We have see him in Walk The Line and liked him. In the mean time, he got bigger, and sources say about him that he is the new Robert Redford / Brad Pitt. And even if he is so young, he already starred in around 20 movies.
06. Davie Henrie, has blue eyes and a sweet face that makes you want to take him most. Most likely he will not come home with you because people say about him that he is pretty shy.
05. Jaden Smith strongly follows his father’s footsteps, Will Smith. Even if he is only 12 years old, he has many talents. Even Ellen Degeneres was charmed by the humor of the young Mr Smith.
04. Jonas Brothers are real rock stars in America and they are very much loved by the fans. Whereever they go, girls pass out.
03. Daniel Radcliffe is not so sexy in Harry Potter, but when he appeared naked on stage in London in Equus, people changed their opinion.
2. Justin Bieber is already a prime name at only 16 years old. The latest rumor about him says that he might have had something going on with Kim Kardashian.
01. Taylor Lautner, according to some people he is the most sexy character in Twilight. And the truth is that you don’t believe he’s only 18 years old when you see him. Athletic and so well built, sure of himself, Taylor doesn’t seam the type of man who is still living with his parents.