The most popular people on Facebook!

Lady GaGa is by far one of the most popular ( alive ) people on Facebook, according to the media.

The singer reached a record of 10 million fans on her Facebook profile, and only Michael Jackson managed to have more. Only 1 year ago she had 3.5 million fans and she was on the sixth position in the list of the most popular people on Facebook, according to ABC News.

Michael Jackson. Even after his death, Michael Jackson continues to be the most popular person on Facebook, With more than 15 million fans, the King of Pop is at a distance of 4 million fans of the most closest rival: Lady Gaga.

According to Facebook, Michael Jackson had 800.000 fans before his death, and one week after that the number went up to 10 million fans.

Lady GaGa. On her Facebook page, Lady GaGa posts articles about her music career, informs readers regarding her future tours and albums and offer fans detailed descriptions about her outfits.

Only a few days after she reached the 10 million fans milestone, she managed to beat a new record, now having more than 11 million fans that are following her page.

Vin Diesel. The actor from “The Fast and Furious” has reached 10 million fans. By updating his status on a regular basis, photos and videos, the actor enjoys success even online.

Barack Obama. A year ago, the US president Barack Obama was the second most popular person on Facebook, after Michael Jackson.

With almost 9.9 million fans, Obama is now on the forth position in the top of the most popular people on Facebook. Managed by Organizing for America, OBama’s page include updates about the president’s activity and videos.

Megan Fox. The “Transformers” star currently has around 8.6 million fans that follow her page on Facebook.

Although she doesn’t post many articles, she prefers to post media clippings and videos.

Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese  soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is on the sixth place in this top and he is the only European in this top.

He posted comments and images from the South Africa World Cup and has more than 7 million fans. Recently, Cristiano announced on Facebook the birth of his son.

Lil Wayne. Another celebrity that managed to go up several positions compared to last year is rapper Lil Wayne. Even if 1 year ago he was not in the top 10, he currently occupies the 7th position with 6.7 million fans.

In June when he reached five million fans, he asked for help from his fans to increase his client base.

Justin Bieber. One of the surprises of this top is singer Justin Bieber who occupies the 8th position with 6.6 million fans. He attracted an impressive number of views after posting one of his famous videos.

Taylor Swift. The country music singer, which has 6.3 million fans is now on the 9th position in the top of the most popular people on Facebook.

Will Smith. With more than 5.8 million fans, the american actor is on the 10th position in this top.Smith has managed to keep an attractive page by posting videos with interviews and movies, and also by posting updates regarding his family and friends.