Spicy Facebook secrets!

Facebook now has more than 500 million users, and this way the social network ensured success for a long time.

For most of us, the most interesting aspect about Facebook is the fact that even if it started in a college dorm room at Harvard, the phenomenon gathered some spicy things that needs to be revealed.

Al Pacino’s face was on the original Facebook homepage

Before the look change back in 2007, on the homepage of Facebook we could have seen the image of a man partially covered by a cloud of binary codes.

The identity of that mysterious man was only recently revealed in the book of David Kirkpatrick, ” The Facebook effect” and we were amazed a bit when we found out that the mysterious man was Al Pacino, a photo that was edited by a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg.

One of the first Facebook features was file sharing

Although it’s possible that this information is now longer available in the Facebook registry, some of the first Facebook applications was a file sharing service named Wirehog.

It was released in 2004, being developed as an application integrated in the network.

However, in 2006, because of security problems it was decided that the file sharing service to be excluded from Facebook.

Apple and Microsoft, first companies with Facebook accounts

Until April 2006, Facebook accounts weren’t opened for everyone, they were only able to be created by the Harvard University Students.

Since that date, Facebook opened it’s doors for companies also. Apple and Microsoft were the first companies to create an account on Facebook, and then Intel, EA, Amazon, Pepsi or Gap also created accounts.

Still, only in September 2006, Facebook has become available for everybody, regardless of studies or environment.

The Poke term was never defined

While Facebook explains how the “poke” feature works in the Help page of the site, the genesis of this term was never found until now.

As an explication, Zuckerberg said ” We thoguth that it would be funny to create a feature without a specific purpose, so take it as it is because you will not get many explications from us”.