Rihanna fighting Aliens!

Rihanna, the famous singer which is now in front of most musical rankings along side Eminem, makes her debut as an actress in the lost awaited SF movie ” Battleship ” directed by Peter Berg.

In this moment it’s unclear what role she might play nor what the role of her character will be in the epic human-alien battle.

Regarding the subject of the movie, it seams that a race of aliens takes refuge on Earth and they are trying to build a device to be able to leave the planet. When a group of ships comes their way, the war is inevitable and the story will be told from both points of view: human and alien. The story is is inspired by the Airplanes popular video game.

Taylor Kitsch ( who played Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine ) will play the main role in this movie, ship commander Alex Hopper, the one that will face the alien race in battle. We can guess that Rihanna will play either his fiancee or someone who works under Hopper…or both.