Photos from the Tron Legacy Movie!

Empire has on it’s cover the new Science Fiction movie that will be released in December, and besides the pages of information about the Disney movie they also released some high resolution images. They are a reminder that Tron Legacy has every chances of being the “Father” of visual effects in the future.

Besides the amazing vehicles you can also see in the gallery of this article an image with Jeff Bridges playing Kevin Flynn, the hero of the cult movie from 1982 and the steaks of the entire adventure.

A sequel of the 1982 movie, Tron, the movie focuses on Sam Flynn, the 27 years old son of KEvin Flynn. Sam is obsessed to discover the mystery behind his father’s disappearance and ends up being a part of the same world of ruthless programs and virtual games in which you can lost your life any second.

Along side Kevin’s friend, father and son embark on a fantastic journey in the cybernetic universe where everything is possible.

Tron Legacy will have 5 sequences in IMAX 3D format.