New technologies help us “feel” 3D images

The sensation we have when watching a 3D movie is the one that we might be able to touch, with our hands, the objects in front of us.

We all know that it’s just an illusion. However, thanks to researchers, this might become a reality.

Scientists from the San Diego University in California are working on a project named Heads-Up Virtual Reality, which literally simulates the sensation with the help of which we can feel and touch the 3D projection of an image.The key piece of this technology is a special sensor that sends out a feedback to the hand of the user, giving the impression that the specific object can be touched.These types of 3D images can even be supported by a Samsung 3D TV.

In the last decade, prototypes of this kind of technologies have appeared, and until now they all needed a very specialized and expensive equipment.

However, researchers from the San Diego University are trying to make it more accessible.

The Heads-Up Virtual Reality project currently focuses on professional applications like doctors wanting to physically manipulate a cat scan or historians that want to examine a precious document without contaminating it.

But imagine what regular people can do with this technology! It seams that pornographic virtual reality it’s only one step away.

Or, what do you think of a video game in which users can simulate the handling of a weapon ?