A new Earth might be discovered in the near future

If  in our solar system there aren’t any other planets that can support life, the newest discoveries made with the help of the Kepler telescope indicates a series of other solar systems that requires close study.

The new data came around one week ago, when the Kepler telescope, who’s main purpose is to find new planets, has discovered several hundreds of planets and solar systems that, apparently, can support human life.

Even if the information are new, to determine if the solar systems are similar to the one of Earth, we need around 2 years. Scientists are saying that they need the information collected after a few rotations around the star to determine the nature of the planet.

The area in which Kepler discovered the planets and stars is named Goldilocks by the scientists and it has the biggest chances to support and develop human life. The next investigations on the 300 discovered planets will be made with a spatial telescope that is named James Webb.
Other than the fact that in the Universe there are other planets that can support human life, the discovery made by Kepler might prove that fact that the type of the planet Earth is a normal thing in the Universe.