The most popular animated characters animation movies

With the success of Toy Story 3, i think it’s now the time to review some of the most popular animated characters in animation movies. We are only going to refer to characters from recent movies, which for a long time they were present in grossing rankings and of course they may be the “victims” of sequels.

It’s his time, and by extension, we have to remember Woody, Buzz and the rest of the company. Definitely, some of the most loved animated characters, the two and their friends manage each time to prove the importance of friendship and commitment, and in the third part of the series they do not disappoint at all, especially since from a visual point of view they show more class than any other Pixar animations. It has no sense to tell you what is going to happen in the new movie, you will have to go see it for yourself, but what we are going to tell you is that this movie is going to touch you big time. Another detail: if you think that this is the last time you will meet Buzz, Woody and the others, you are wrong! They will be the main characters in a new Pixar short movie that will be presented along with Cars 2, their new movie, which will be released next year on June 24, 2011.

This is clearly the season of popular heroes, because Shrek and company also come with new adventures from Far, far away. If Woody and friends show that the quality level should not decrease with new sequels, Shrek Forever after does not manage to get the same performance, but this doesn’t mean that the reunion with Puss in Boots, and a donkey, which has the same big mouth, is not going to be pleasant. Now Shrek is tricked by Rumplestilskin, to give him a day from his life in return to another, in which we can feast on the long forgotten pleasures. A clause in the contract will show Shrek how would have been Far, far away if he never existed and the adventure starts from here. Maybe the Shrek story ended, but this doesn’t mean that the story of Puss in Boots doesn’t go any further. Along with Kitty, he will embark on a journey to search for the Chicken with the golden eggs, and we will see what the two are capable of on November 2011.

It’s enough to mention the name SID and you will no doubt start to think about a lazy and prehistorical boy. It’s clearly that Sid, Manny, Diego and others prehistorical heroes will make their way to this popularity top, and by extension we announce once again that the series directed by Carlos Saldanha will be continued on July 13, 2012. The temporary title of the sequel is Ice Age: Continental Drift, and the premiere date was established for July 13, 2012. The title makes us believe that after freezing, the amazing animal family is going to have problems with continents slipping. Will the family be apart because of the meltdowns ? Well, we will find out soon enough…

But, let’s come back to Pixar for Monster, Inc. Probably, after Finding Nemo, the company of monsters is the most “family friendly” film in Pixar portfolio. With a very open ending of the first movie, it was almost logical that a sequel is going to be made, and the big event will take place on November 16, 2012. At this moment we know nothing about the new adventures of the monsters, but for sure they will also involved the sweet Boo.

We mentioned Finding Nemo, so now we also have the mention that a sequel is not so probable. If the Disney studios doesn’t make pressure, it’s possible that we can never see Nemo again on the big screens, if we think about the fact that the life span of the fish does not go over a few years and Pixar is very careful at details like this. It’s more likely that The Incredible’s  will get a sequel, but no information confirms this rumor right now. Winner of two Oscars in 2005, The Incredibles is very suitable for sequels, especially because we have to find out what powers will Jack Jack have when he grows up! The potential for a new adventure if huge and for sure Pixar are going to put their imagination to good use…

We are sure that you love Wall-E and for sure you also love Ratatouille. They have some good positions in our top, somewhere very high. We will not get any sequels of the two, so let’s change the subject and talk about The Simpsons. For now, Homer and Bart remain on the screen, the father of the most wacky american family, Matt Groening, saying that right now they have no intention of creating a new The Simpsons movie.But it’s clearly that the famous dysfunctional family  will not leave us very soon. Thank God!

However, we are gong to get a sequel for MAdagascar. After Escape 2 Africa in 2008, it looks like the people over at Dreamworks want to bring Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman, in New York. Madagascar 3 is going to appear on July 6, 2012.

But, until then, we are going to enjoy the new adventures of Po, the Panda bear specialist in Kung-Fu. Right now, it’s not very sure which will be the subject of the sequel, since there are two versions who keep popping up in the media. In one version, Po wants to convince himself that he’s not the only Panda bear in the Valley, and he starts a journey which will reveal many dangers. In the second version, Po and company will try to fight against a mysterious weapon that might affect the Kung Fu philosophy. It’s possible that both subjects might be encountered in the new movie, in which the new negative hero is Lord Shen, played by Gary Oldman.

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