Scientists have recorded “the music of the sun” for the first time

The sun has been a source of inspiration for thousands of songs, and now scientists have discovered that the star from the center of our solar system produces it’s own music. Astronomers from the Sheffield University have managed to record for the first time the mysterious sounds produced by the magnetic field in the solar atmosphere.

So, the music of the sun comes under the form of some magnetic vibrations which behaves just as the cords of a musical instrument.

Using the satellite to get images of these vibrations, who could reach up to 60.000 miles long, scientists have managed to recreate the sound by transforming the visible vibrations in sounds of which they accelerated the frequency so that the human ear can also perceive them.

” It was very beautiful and exciting to hear all these sounds for the first time from such a big and powerful source. It’s just like a song, it has it’s own harmony ”

“We are offered a new way to research the Sun and a new perspective about the physical processes that takes place at the Sun surface, the surface where temperature reach million degrees” said professor Robertus Von Fay-Siebenburgern,director of the physical sun researching group from the Sheffield University.

Last week, NASA warned us that in the next years we might see solar flairs which may affect the banking systems, air traffic equipment, computers, navigation systems, hospital equipments and telecommunications.

Researchers are hoping that by studying the “music of the sun” they might predict solar flairs, to minimize the effects of these phenomenons.