Barack Obama Double, Meet the President’s Look alike

Everyone is unique in their own way, however it is said that everyone of us has, somewhere in the world, at least a twin. Only the people that become famous eventually end up by meeting their doubles. And yes, the resemblances might be amazing! It is the story of a photographer from Indonesia that can easily by mistaken as the President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Ilham Anas is a photographer, he is 36 years old and until 2008 he had a regular life. After Barack OBama has become popular word wide, Ilham discovered his new calling, as a double. At first, Ilham was intimidated by his new calling, but his friends convinced him to put on a suit and to take his role as a mime very seriously. Well, as seriously as one can.

After the debut on Facebook and Twitter, Barack OBama’s double from Indonesia received dozens of offers or taking trips to other countries, only to play as the President. Although he can hardly speak english, he enjoys some great success. He appeared on many advertising spots, even in a movie in which he played the role of the US president. Also, he wrote a book about the life as a double of the most powerful man on the planet.