Top 10 actresses that appeared naked in movies

One thing is for sure! Nude scenes is what attracts a lot of people to movies. People are crowding to see stars naked. Why ? Because it’s exciting and because it does not happen every day to be able to see Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry completely naked. The biggest movies producers in Hollywood are well aware of the profits they are making with nude scenes with prime hand stars and they are using them as often as possible.
Here’s a top 10 of the most famous actresses that appeared naked in movies:
10. Sandra Bullock – The Proposal. I didn’t expected this from Sandra. It was more than just a surprise, last year in the The Comedy Proposal. Sandra appears completely naked along with another famous naked man, Ryan Reynolds. Sandra said about that scene that it was one of the things that made the movie a box office success.
09. Heather Graham – Boogie Nights. Pretty girl Heather is wild on the big screen and she gets naked whenever her role asks for it. In Boogie Nights it’s about the porn movie industry and Heather makes a career out of XXX Roles.
08. Eva Green – Dreamers. Eva is beautiful but also daring. In Dreamers she appears naked while she gives a correction to the young american man she was hosting.
07. Kate Winslet –¬† The Reader. We can say that she took her clothes off very gracefully. Because the role brought her an Oscar and a lot of male appreciation. In The Reader, Kate is also slightly imoral because she was an affair with a 16 years old young man which she teaches everything she knows about sex.
06. Angelina Jolie – Original Sin. Angelina Jolie naked is the dream of every man. The dream happened many times until now because Hollywood producers are nost stupid and because Angelina knows how to attract people in movie theaters. In Original Six Angelina had sex, very passionate sex with Antonio Banderas.
05. Halle Berry – Monster’s Ball and Swordfish. In Monster’s Ball Halle was very unhappy, but also very sexy and naked. Sexy, despite the fact that she cried, being traumatized, the entire time. In Swordfish, Halle got naked for a lot of money. She was paid 1 million dollars only for the scene where she shows us her breasts.
04. Charlize Theron – The Devils Advocate. All the men in the world want to see Charlize naked, and happily for them, she is not shy. In The Devil’s Advocate, she makes love with Keanu Reeves, and we can see a good portion of her naked body.
03. Nicole Kidman – Eyes Wide Shut. The last Stanley Kubrick movies is one of the movies with the biggest sexual atmosphere in history.It also has a huge plus, we can see Nicole Kidman naked. Along with Tom Cruise, her husband at the moment.
02. Monica Belluci – Irreversible. Miss Belluci is the protagonist of the longest violent rape in movie history. Monica is violated around 9 minutes, without any pause. But this is not the only sequence in the movie where we can see Monica completely naked.
01. Sharon Stone – Basic Instinct. Basic Instinct is one of the erotic movies that made history, and transformed Sharon Stone into an international movie star. In this movie the actors didn’t really needed the costumes because¬† they, Sharon and Michael, were having sex all the time. Obviously, very naked!