Scorsese wants Al Pacino as Frank Sinatra

Martin Scorsese, who has been thinking for some years now about a biographical movie about Frank Sinatra, has revealed  the names of two actors that he wants in this movie: Al Pacino as Frank Sinatra and Robert De Niro as Dean Martin.

Scorsese’s movie project, which will be named Sinatra, will be the first big screen movie that will show the life of Frank Sinatra. Among the other mentioned names for the main role we mention Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Frank Sinatra has become one of the most popular singers of all time. He received an Oscar award for his role in the From here to Eternity movie, in 1953.

He was played, on TV, by Philip Casnoff, in a TV mini series, in 1992, and by Ray Liotta in the movie The Rat Pack, produced by HBO in 1998.

Al Pacino