Panoramic Photos with Microsoft ICE

ICE is short for Image Composite Editor, and Image Composite Editor is a software created by Microsoft that has a soul purpose and that is the creation of panoramic photos. It’s free, easy to use and it offers amazing results.

A panoramic photo has a very wide angle and covers more space than a usual photo. There are some situations in which panoramic photos are preferred. For example, when we take pictures of landscapes. Instead of a photo that only covers a specific area, you can now create a panoramic photo that covers the entire area.

Normally, to do a panoramic photo you need specific equipments.

The alternative to all these expensive equipment is a software application that does this using some well established algorythms.  And such an application is Microsoft ICE.

You obviously need a photo camera, but other than your own wishes there are no criteria to exclude some photo camera. You can use any camera that fits your quality standards.

The main condition of creating a panoramic photo is the creation of a set of photographs to cover the entire area. These photos will be “glued” together automatically by a software to create the panoramic photo.

You don’t really have to have a clear delimitation of the photos to take. What’s important is to cover the entire area. The areas that appear in multiple photos will automatically be removed by the software.

After you have taken the pictures that will create your panoramic photo, the rest is very easy. All you have to do is open then using Microsoft ICE.

The process will start automatically and it only lasts a few seconds, based on the number and resolution of your photos.

After the process is over you will get a raw photo. All you have to do next is to crop it so black areas are not longer visible, the cropping operation can be done also using Microsoft ICE. Finally, you save the panoramic photo you created. For this you have to choose the format from the Export section and follow the instructions.

Panoramic photos created with microsoft ICE are impressive. They are not perfect, but flaws are most of the time very hard to see and easy to correct using an image editing software application like Photoshop.

Microsoft ICE