NASA confirms that an alien object is closing in on Earth

NASA reported the fact that an artificial object is closing in on Earth from outer space, being more of an artificial origin than natural, according to The Daily Galaxy.

The object, named 2010 KQ, was detected by the Catalina Sky Survey observatory at the beginning of May 2010 and was followed by NASA. The observations made by S.J. Bus, using the infrared NASA telescope indicates the fact that all the characteristics of 2010 KO do not fit the ones of an asteroid, and his absolute magnitude suggests that fact that it’s big.

The object did not had any propulsion in the period in which it was watched by NASA. Still, experts think that this object must have used it’s own power, considering it’s position and velocity. Experts claim the fact that this object has to be a space ship, or a piece of it, which was part of an interplanetary mission from the past, and now returns to Earth.