Maria Pinto, fashion designer of Michele Obama is bankrupt

The fashion designer that created the dress that Michelle Obama was dressed with during the election campaign, Maria Pinto, had to close her store in Chicago and declare bankruptcy, this even if The First Lady continued to ware the clothes of her favorite designer even at the White House.

The designer of the purple dress that Michele Obama had on, Maria Pinto become famous after the future First Lady Of The United States dressed up with her dresses at major events during the campaign. For example, at the Democratic Party convention, in which Barack Obama was confirmed as the Democrat party presidential candidate. Or at the official diner between the Obama’s and the family of the former president, George Bush.

Maria Pinto confessed that she fought hard to keep her business, but she lost the battle due to the financial crises in the United States, the 53 years old designer, admits that she made some rookie mistakes in management and financial operations.

Maria Pinto is now considering taking a vacation, do yoga, gardening and painting.

Maria Pinto is not the only fashion designer that became famous due to the First Lady of the United States. Other two names that followed Michele Obama’s taste in clothes are Jason Wu and Narciso Rodriguez.

Maria Pinto