Kate Hudson jealous of Cameron Diaz

The Daughter of Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, does not look well at Camerdon Diaz, because she hooked up with Kate’s ex boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez.

Even if the relationship between Kate and Alex ended last year in December, the actress can’t stand to see him with another woman, especially since that woman is a sexy, single and famous actress. ” Kate things that Diaz wants to pay her back because she had an affair with Justin back in 2007″ said a source for US Weekly.

Cameron and Justin had an 3 years relationship, which ended in 2007, and shortly after they split up the singer was seen in the comapany of Kate Judson. She is now jealous because she is single and she manages to discredit her rival ” Cameron is an actress who didn’t got used to the idea that she got old and she still thinks she is sexy” said Kate.

Kate Hudson