Extraordinary Iron Man Suit built by a youngster

In 2008, Anthony Le started to build something very important: a suit like the one from the Iron Man Movie.

Anthony Le is a fitness consultant, 25 years old, and is a fan of the Iron Man comics since his childhood. The first attempt to build a suit was only from fabric, but the second costed him $4.000.

The young used more than 1500 bolts for his impressive suit. He sculpted the helmet in clay and then he created the final form out of resin.

The suit is equipped with leds and has a rotative machine gun. The helmet is also motorized and it can open and close. The machine gun has an integrated button in the glove can be transformed for using paint bullets.

According to kotaku.com, Anthony decided to build the War Machine version because it looks better than the one already known.

Iron Man suit