7 Incredible medical cases

According to an old saying, the only job a doctor has to do is to distract the attention of a patient while the body heals itself. There is some truth about this saying, but we can’t accept the fact that medicine nowadays doesn’t make miracles happen. This area of very fascinating, with a lot of things that will be discovered in the future. We still don’t know enough about the human brain, about genome or what exactly happens in some cases, but the future looks promising. The human body is still as the ocean.. Let’s talk about seven cases, some of them very weird and some of them incredible but what they all have in common is the fact that they are very interesting.

At the age of 63, William Sheridan from New York got the news that he expected for a long time: a new heart! The transplant was a success and the post-op recovery went on fine. One day, without realizing what he does, William took a pen and paper and started to draw. He never did this before because he wasn’t talented in drawing. But, after the transplant something happened with him and he felt very drawn to arts. He started to draw in an impressive way, amazing people around him, but especially he amazed him. William received the heart of an artists.. What happened can partially be explained by a so-called “cellular memory”, which still is a fascination for researchers. It looks like, besides neurons, other cells can store information.

Claire SYlvia experimented another interesting case. Receiving the heart of a 18 years old boy, the woman soon felt a strange appetite for bear, chicken wings and hot peppers, foods that she didn’t liked before. Sylvia also wrote a book about her experience called A change of Heart.

In October 2005, at the St. Paul hospital in Vancouver came a gentleman with a bad health condition. After a series of investigations, the doctors decided to draw arterial blood to test the gas levels. Normally arterial blood is more darker. In this case however, the blood was green.

What happened next looked like an episode from House M.D., but the experience of professionals solved the case quickly. The patient hemoglobin was blocked with carbon monoxide. Besides that, the also had sulfate in his system, sulfate that came from pills against headaches, that the patient took in very large dosage. Still, he shouldn’t have developed  a condition like this, and a lot of data is still unclear.

Having spina bifida since his childhood, Mark Chenoweth started to feel more sick, ending up 10 years ago in a wheel chair. You need to know that spina bifida is a congenital malformation that is very frequent. In most cases, patients end up being paralyzed. However, Mark really wanted to do scuba diving, even if doctors didn’t allowed it. Because he was stubborn, Mark entered the water and started to dive a feel meters down. When he got out of the water he noticed that he can walk again. After a short while tho, he lost the use of his legs again. He dived again, this time more deeper and after that he was able to walk for a few days. Now he hardly uses the wheel chair. The doctors cannot explain this case.

Lydia Fairchild had to take a DNA test after she applied for a job in a helping program dedicated to mothers without jobs and with a lot of children. Jamie Townsend, a married man and separated from Lydia, was confirmed as the father of their children. The incredible surprise was the Lydia was not a DNA match with her daughters. Experts said that Lydia tried to cheat the state, however this was not the case. The woman once had a twin brother in the same womb from her mother , so she received two sets of DNA. Each set can dominate specific organs, and in Lydia’s case, the dominant one was in most of he organs, besides the ovaries. After many tests the woman was declared the biological mother of her children.

When she was only four years old, Margaret Wegner suffered a stupid accident following which she got a 8 cm’s pen in her brain. The woman spent 55 years like this, and in August 2007 she decided to use surgery. When the doctors saw the exact location of the PEN using am MRI, they decided that the surgery will be successful. The operation was indeed a success and now Margaret can tell stories about the 55 years old pen that sat right in her brain.

Jim McClatchey from Atlanta is the man that “died” 100 times and is still living. At the age of 54 Jim suffered a cardiac arrest. Ending in the hospital, the doctors tried classic CPR but it was for nothing. They used electrical defib with the purpose of depolarizing the heart, giving it the change to restart.

The heart restarted 50 times in the first hour! And it stopped beating 50 times more. After 100 of desperate tries his condition stabilized. As a consequence of the electricity used on him, Jim suffered second degrees burns on his chest. The reason for Jim’s cardiac arrest was a virus.

A smile a day keeps the doctor away, however this is not the case with Xu Pingui, her smiles brings her to the hospital for interesting studies. Aged 12 years, the little girl had a serious case of fever which affected her frontal lob making her laugh all the time. She lost the ability to speak. High fever has a bad effect on neurons.