6 conspiracy theories

C0nspiracy. Only by saying this word in a conversation and you will make the person to whom you were talking to turn away, to another person, a person that won’t launch wild theories about Elvis, F. Kennedy, Big Foot and so on.

Nowadays, conspiracy theories exists, however some of them are going too far. Some of them are based on a small truth and they are impossible to deny, because those who believe in them will find a pro theory argument.

Satanic Cults

In the 80s and until the beginning of the 90s, America was terrified of some horrible child abuse cases. Kids accused grown-ups of kidnapping, torture and abuse, and the media reported the sensational news. Often the accusations included satanic abuse. Geraldo Rivera, NBC reporter says that there are more than 1 million Satan lovers in America, that kill small and innocent children and perform terrifying satanic rituals.

However, Rivera didn’t presented a shred of evidence, and he argued that the lack of evidence is due to the professionalism of people involved with satanic cults. In a 1993 report of crime rituals, FBI Agent Kenneth Lanniing concluded that the rumors about crime rituals, cannibalism and kidnappings were not founded.

Phillips Stevens, anthropology  professor at the Buffalo University says that the rumors about satanic crimes are the biggest hoax that spread around America during the 20th century.

Man Landing on the Moon Hoax

In the year 2001, Fox TV channel started a debate in thw show:” Conspiracy Theory: Has Man Landed on the Moon?”, a show that debated the discrepancy between the official version of moon landing and the photos of the event. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin allegedly mimed the low gravitation of the moon and the photos and videos were fake. The theory supporters bring into question the fact that, when Aldrin places the American Flag on the moon, it seams to be moved by the wind, which is impossible on the Moon.

Ok, this is a good argument and let’s suppose that the Fox theory is true, however how do one explain the existence of hundreds of alien rocks, how could NASA obtain them if indeed we didn’t landed on the moon ?

Below you can view a video of a documentary on this subject:

9/11 Terrorist attacks planned by the Americans

It’s obvious that the terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001 is the result of a conspiracy. A careful look at the incident results that fact that everything was planned to the latest detail and executed by the conspirators.

Osama Bin Laden and the “team” were part of the conspirators, but what can we say about the President Bush  and vice-president Dick Cheney ? Bush’s advisers worked  with Bin Lade or they intentionally let the attacks happen ? This is what conspiracy theories about this subject are saying. The American Government might have caused this incident to have a reason to declare the war on terror, and against Islam.

The Roswell Case

One thing is for sure: something did crashed close to Roswell, New Mexico in year 1947. Initially the government said that it’s a UFO of some sort, after that they retracted their previous statement and said that it was a top secret military balloon. Rumors about the alien bodies found only appeared 30 years later, when a book about this case was published.

AIDS was created in a lab

A lot of people think that the HIV virus was especially created by scientists. According to a conspiracy theory, behind the virus is the CIA, who wanted to use this disease to destroy the gay and black minority.

Many people still believe this theory, among them some personalities. The president of South Africa, made a reference once to this theory, debunking the explication according to which this disease first appeared in Africa, and claiming that, actually, the virus was created in the American Military Labs.

Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai, winner of the Nobel Prize, also supported this theory. Other variations of the conspiracy claim that the virus was created by the World Health Organization ( theory supported by Dr. William Campbell Douglas ) or by the KGB. Even if researchers didn’t agree about the way this disease appeared for humans, most scientists think that the virus came from the ape, one way or another, sometime in the 30’s. The first reports about an AIDS plague were drafted in 1981.

There was no Holocaust

Or in any case, some say, the number of Jewish people that lost their lives is not even close of six million, as the evidence show. The president of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad claims that the Holocaust is a myth and the concentration camps didn’t existed. British historian David Irving was even arrested and sentenced to jail because he denied the Holocaust.

About the photos that showed piles of bodies from concentration camps, prosecutor Edgar J. Steele, for example, said ” All these pictures with thin people and crowded bodies were actually Czechs, Polish and Germans that died of typhus.

UFO Picture