46% of Internet users intentionally open spam emails

Spam emails have always been one of the biggest threats on the Internet. That’s because most users are tempted to open them even if they are aware of the problems that they might cause.

A recent study created in Western Europe and North America by the MAAWG ( Ipsos Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group ) proved that 46% of the internet user open spam emails being aware of the risks they face. While a quarter of them confessed that they wanted to kindly ask the senders not to continue sending spam messages, 18% of them said that they simply wanted to see what could happen.

To everyone’s surprise, not the elder generation is doing this, as you might think.Young people that think they are computer experts are who open spam emails.They are the ones that seam to be careless, considering the fact that they know about this phenomenon and what dangers they might face when opening emails that contain malware attachments.

Every year, the percentage of Internet users who are making this mistake seams to increase, temptation also increases along with it. One of the most important recommendations¬† is to avoid posting your email address on forums or on web sites where they can become public, registering on suspicious web sites, and in the moment when a spam messages appears in your Inbox it’s best to delete it without opening it because some of these emails might attack your system without really opening them, once they were added in the Spam folders they simply enter the Temporary folder.

Be very careful when opening emails. Always be paranoid when receiving emails from people you don’t know.If you are really stubborn and you really HAVE to open an email messages that appears to be spammy, at least make sure your anti virus solution is up to date with the latest virus definitions.