Twilight: Eclipse, new trailer

A new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer has been released today on Oprah, and this seams to change a bit the expectations we have of the third Stephanie Meyer’s novel based Twilight movie.

The trailer is full of special effects and suggests that the third sequel will focus on a mega battle between two different clans of vampires, and Jacob’s werewolves also getting involved. in the battle. We can see Taylor Lautner’s character saying ” it’s time to kill some vampires”.

Here’s a synopsis of the movie: Bella finds her self in danger again when Seattle becomes the target o some mysterious murders. While Victoria continues to search for her to kill her, Bella is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob, knowing that her choice might cause the hate between the two vampire clans to be even bigger.

Below you can see the new Twilight: Eclipse trailer. What do you think ?

Twilight: Eclipse