Toyota is recalling other 870.000 cars in US and Canada

Toyota announced that they are going to recall other 870.000 cars of the Sienna model sold in the United States and Canada since 1998, because of a backup wheel fixing problem that risks to fall down the road.

These recalls concern autos that are sold in many US and Canada States with cold climate, because of the corrosion risks generated by prolonged presence of salt on the roads, during winter.

So, Toyota will recall 600.000 cars sold in the US and 270.000 cars sold in Canada.

This incident is the last from a never ending series of problems encountered by Toyota that really damaged the company’s image. On Thursday, Toyota suspended the sale of the Lexus GX 460 model world wide in order to do some safety tests, after the Consumer Reports Magazine issued a ” Don’t buy” rating.

In the last few months, Toyota recalled around 9 million cars world wide.

Toyota Sienna