Robert Zemeckis will direct Dark Life

Robert Zemeckis will direct Dark Life, inspired by a novel written by Kat Fall, that is unpublished right now.

The story of the novel takes place in a future, when, after a cataclysm, a part of the human population is obligated to live in cities on the bottom of the ocean. Because of their new life conditions, some of the kids develop supernatural powers. A teenager that lives in an underwater city, and a girl that lives on the surface, will unite their powers in order to bring down a government conspiracy and, who knows, to reunite the two very different worlds.

Robert Zemeckis will use for this movie a technology that belongs to the Imagemovers company, involved in all of the director’s motion capture previous projects ( Last being A Christmas Carol ) but at this point it is unknown if the movie will be live action, motion capture of a mix between the two, like Avatar.

Right now nobody was hired to write the script, but this is a job that can easily be done by the author of the novel, Kat Fall.

Robert Zemeckis