Murder Couples: They loved each other and killed together!

There are a lot of criminals who’s actions facts and criminal actions causes terror and makes us get a chill down our spine, however none are so difficult to understand or justify than criminals that acted in pair, as a couple. We wished this was false, but, in history, there were exceptional cases of murder couples that were together not only because of love or other stuff that makes a couple be strong, but by the desire of taking lives.. by their passion to kil. Sometimes, in a couple like this, one of the two partners is the dominating one, while the other partner helps, following the instructions. Sometimes, a couple find the same pleasure in taking lives and have similar roles when they murder someone. Here are some of the most terrifying murder couples:

Rosemary and Fred West – they were a couple who’s murders shocked the public opinion in England. The two helped and supporter each other in bad, torturing and killing no less than 12 women, in their own home. What is really amazing about this case is the fact that the initiator and the dominant partner of this couple is Rosemary, and that one of their victims is Fred’s daughter. It is believed that one of the major reasons of these killing was the sexual appetite of Rosemary and her sadomasochistic inclinations. Rosemary is bisexual, she works for a while as a prostitute and does not hide for preference for women.

Together with her husband,Rosemary used to wander the streets of Gloucester looking for young victims. As soon as they found people which was up to their sexual standards, they took them and brought them to their home and forced them to engage in sexual activities. The women were subjected to sexual orgies, during which they were tortured. After their sexual appetite was satisfied, they killed their victims. The victims were dismembered and buried on the couple’s property. The two partners were arrested in 1995. Fred committed suicide in prison, and Rosemary West will be released in 2019, when she will be 66 years old.

Faye and Ray Copeland – they represent the story of loving grandparents which actually were serial killers that often used their victims clothes in as a blanket to keep them warm during the Winter, a scene that looks to be inspired by a horror movie rather than reality. The story of the two criminals, both 70 years old is very real. Their story is the story of one of the eldest killing couples in the history of criminality.

The two shared their passion for murder, passion they discover not but when they are young, but when they reach the final age step of their lives.Although it is believed that they killed many people, they were arrested and changed with the murder of 5 people. Apparently, they lived a quiet life, employing people at their farm and killing them when they decided to leave. At the farm there were found the bodies of 5 people, with gun shot wounds behind their head, and the murder weapon was confirmed to be Ray’s. They represent the most eldest couple that ever received the death penalty. However, Faye’s sentence was overturned in life imprisonment. Faye died at the age of 83 by natural causes.

Caril Fugate and Charles Starkweather – Charles Starkweather was born with an anomaly at skeleton level that made his legs slightly deformed. He also had a small difficulty in talking. For these reasons, it’s only safe to assume that he had a troubled childhood, being subjected to teasing, insults and even beatings. It’s not wonder that the adult developed a strong inferiority complex, ending up in hating himself, considering to be useful and incapable. Charle’s partner, Caril, is the youngest woman in the United States ever sentenced to death for murder in the first degree – 15 years old!

In 1956, the two stared to hang out as a couple. One of the days, Charles goes to Caril’s home. He does not find her there, however starts a conflict with Caril’s mother. Charles’s violence and anger reach a maximum level.. and he shoots her. A few seconds later he also shoots her husband. After a few minutes, when Caril arrives home, Charles also kills Caril’s stepsister. In the next 6 days the couple continued to hang out like nothing happened. They used to go out to dinner, having sex, taking long drives. Before they were caught, the couple start to take a road trip along the US, during which they commit multiple robberies and kill another 7 people. This is one of the most fierce killing couples in the 50s. Their total body count is 11.

Paul and Karla Bernardo – this is another very known couple. The canadian couple is formed by Paul and Karla Bernard. They didn’t killed for money, they killed for the fun of it and to satisfy their bizarre sexual desires. Karla was a good kid, a sweet teenager, nice, popular, smart, enjoying the love and attention of her parents and people around her. Exterior appearances indicated a perfect human being that wasn’t never suspected to be psychotic. Karla said that she didn’t willingly participated in the killing of three teenagers. She also claims that she was forced by Paul to take part in these killings, however the video recordings of the sexual abuse to which the young women were subjected to proves otherwise: Karla was always ready to commit the murders. She knew what she was doing  and she did it well, without regret or mercy towards her victims. Taking lives caused her pleasure and joy.

Because Paul was attracted to virgins, knowing that he was attracted by her sister ( Karla was no longer a virgin when she met Paul ) and because she wanted Paul to like only her, Karla presented Paul with a gift, her own sister, Tammy. Karla’s sister became Karla’s virgin surrogate. She was murdered. Their relationship grow even higher especially that they shared and encouraged their psychotic behavior and sexual experiments. During intercourse, Paul took the dominating position and Karla was the “slave” obsessed to fulfill her’s master’s every fantasy. Jane, the young woman who replaced Tammy, managed to survive meeting the fierce couple. Karla was sentenced to 12 years in prison being involved in drugging, kidnapping and killing other women. After 12 years she was released.

Gerald and Charlene Gallego – amazed the entire world by their killing, no less than 10, between 1978-1981. The way in which the couple operated includes makes them one of the most violent serial killers in the history of the US. The victims were only young girls that were kidnapped, raped, then slaughtered with an unimaginable cruelty. One of the victims, a pregnant woman, was buried alive and imaging that Charlene was released from prison after only 16 years !! Charlene’s role in the killings was to attract young women, earning their trust, then passing them over to Gerald. The husband engaged in sexual relations with the victims, tortured them and after that killed them.