Madonna cousin of Ellen DeGeneres

Madonna and TV star Ellen Degeneres are 11th degree cousins, the two stars being related through an ancient ancester from Franch, Martin Aucoin, according to experts from

” At the beginning of 1600, the daughters of Martin Aucoin, Jeanne and Michelle, left their home country, France,  to settle in Canada, where Madonna’s and Ellen’s ancestors lived for many generations” says

The DeGeneres family left Canada at the end of the 1700, when one the men settled in the american state of Louisiana. Also, Madonna’s grand-grand-grandmother left the Quebec province at the end of 1870 and settled in Michigan, USA.

The family connection between Ellen DeGeneres and Madonna is just one of the interesting discoveries made by In 2009, experts said that Emma Watson ( Hermione from Harry Potter ) is related to a woman from the 16th century, accused for being a witch.