Hollywood and the 3D technology

Everyone, from movie studios to cinema theaters wants to take advantage of the 3D technology, only to offer viewers a new experience at a bigger price.

Directors and producers are learning new techniques and buy new equipment. Studios executive directors are looking in their scripts library for movies that have 3D potential. Companies which offer 3D equipment are hiring people and cinema theaters are making loans to improve their current technology. All of this “only” to offer a new experience and to increase the price of a movie ticket.

As any Hollywood trend, it’s unclear if this 3D madness is just for show, as the color movies were back in the 1980s.

” The real questions is this: How many movies will attract the audience that will were goggles and pay a higher price? ” said Rob Moore, president of Paramount Pictures.

Hollywood does things the right way. The Warner Bros. President, Alan Horn, recently said that 3D is a new standard for all of the studios important movies, summing 19 movies only in 2010 alone.

This is not the first time when Hollywood tries to convince movie viewers to ware goggles.  The Stereoscopic cinema was very popular in the 50s, with movies like “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. The more expensive prices and technological problems, and also the bad quality of the movies caused a 3D downfall.

While the movie industry is starting to mobilize, the future of 3D movies is in the hands of the movie viewers who welcomed movies like “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” but, there will be less enthusiasts as the “new feel” of the 3D technology will start to disappear.

3D movie audience