Adultery, a profitable business, web sites encouraging infidelity

Web sites that are encouraging adulteries are becoming more and more popular in the United States and Australia. As a reply, web sites that encourages couple fidelity have also appeared.

For people who want to cheat on their spouse without them knowing, the solution is simple. More and more web sites that encourages these kind of relationships have appeared, with minimum risks of getting caught. One of these sites is, who was created by Noel Biderman. The motto is the web site is ” Life is short, cheat!”

A woman from New York that goes under the alias “karen” to hide her identity, said that she used the services of such a web site to fill the void in the her. The woman is 30 years old, married for 10 years, she said that cheating helped her improved her self esteem and made her be a better wife.

” When I started to cheat on my husband, i felt wanted. For the first time after a long time i felt sexy, i felt beautiful” says Karen.

Not always the need for self appreciation drives people to chat on their partners.

” It’s about sex, the lack of intimacy in their life or too much conventional sex. They are searching for something different, they are searching for an adventure, something very different of what they get at home” says the representatives of the company.

Therapists think that, while the temptation to cheat on your spouse is a reality, these kind of sites only make things works, even now when adultery is now being massively promoted in the media.

” I have to admit that it’s sort of shocking to see these commercials on TV and I think they encourage the need to cheat on your spouse” said Dr. Seth Meyers.