15 Google Chrome Extensions for webmasters

The Google Chrome browser is a great browser for webmasters. By using Google Chrome you can add more features to the browser to help your every need as a webmaster. Let’s take a look at the top Extensions for webmasters.

1. Firebug Lite (for Google Chrome)

This is an extension that installs Firebug Lite on Google Chrome. Even if the default Developer Tools that come with Google Chrome offers you almost the same features, webmasters will appreciate Firebug because it offers great debugging tools.

2. Web Developer

The Web Developer toolbar created by Chris Pederick is well known in the webmasters community. It was created for Firefox, but now it is also available for Google chrome and has a very nice interface.

It has a great number of tools and options that a webmaster can use to better grasp web page layouts, it helps the webmaster by displaying the CSS style information about specific elements, browser cache and a lot more.

3. Resolution Test

This is an extension that can be use to see how a web site will look on different resolutions, you can also specify your own custom resolution. This is a very useful plugin for webmasters concerned about cross browser compatibility on all resolutions.

4. Pendule

The Pendule plugin can be used to enhance the Developer Tools that come with Google Chrome. This extension provides webmasters with a lot of helpful features like markup validation through the W3C web services, hiding images, viewing and analyzing the scripts that a web site is using and much more.

5. PlainClothes

Removing CSS styles is the best way to analyze the accessibility of a web site and see if the content on the web site can be viewed without them. This helps to stimulate how a user relying on web page’s markup will see the web site. This is the only thing that is done by this plugin, it removes the css styles.

Although it was created only for web development testing this plugin can also be used to view other web sites without css styles.

6. Image Cropper

This is a plugin created for webmasters that want to cut specific parts of a web site. All you have to do is drag around the part you want to crop and that’s it. It can also show you the dimension and location of your crop to help you get the exact size that you want.

7. Lorem Ipsum Generator

This extension is very simple. This extensions helps you to fill in your empty pages that you are going to use to make a presentation to your client.

8. IE Tab (for Windows)

This plugin helps you save some time from having to use IE for your debugging problems.

9. jQuery Shell

The jQuery Shell offers you the options to run JQuery and JS commands on your current page. It’s a wonderful extension that you can use to learn jQuery.

10. Color Picker

This extension is great in helping you get the RGB and HEX values for any color that is used on any web site. This is great in helping you see what colors are your favorite web sites using You no longer have to take screen shots of a page and use photoshop or any  other imaging program to see the code colors.

11. WebEdit

By using the  WebEdit extension you can make all web sites editable. Let’s say you are creating a site and you like to play with the site’s elements but you don’t want to make changes to the code, well in this case you can really use this extension.

12. Chrome Sniffer

By being a web master, as I am, I am sure you have often asked yourself what technologies, scripts or application a web site is using. Webmasters with experience can find all this information but looking and analyzing the website’s source code. But, this can be done more easily. Chrome Sniffer will list all the known JS framework/libraries and CMS that a web site is using.

13. Webpage Screenshot

A practice that every webmaster is using very often is to take screenshots of web sites. By using the Webpage Screenshot plugin you can take a screenshot of the entire web site. It offers webmasaters the possibility to resize the window before taking the screenshot and you can then save it as a PNG file.

14. Eye Dropper

This is a Google Chrome extension that helps you see what colors does a web site use. However, it also displays a color swatches and color wheel that will help you experiment with colors and tweak them.

15. SEO Site Tools

A web built web site will generally lead to some good results in search engines. However if you want to make an evaluation of your web site SEO-Wise then you can definitely use this SEO extension, an extension that offers you a great number of tools so you can evaluate your site’s SEO. It can offer you a lot of useful data.