Top 10: Most beautiful Bollywood women

It’s not easy to become a star not even at the asian copy of Hollywood. To be noticed, indian women has to have more qualities: to play, sing, dance, a good physical shape and to look good on the screen.

Here are some of the most beautiful women in Bollywood:

Kajol made her debut as an actress at Bollywood in 1992 and is considered to be the most successful indian actress.


She recently stared in ” My Name is Kahn” which was very well received in India and even North America. Kajol is often compared to Frida Kahlo.

Known as the most beautiful woman in the world, Ashwarya Rai started her career as Miss World in 1996 and that was just the beginning. Since then, she was a a permanent presence in Bollywood, she kept her fine body lines which landed her the Miss title, working out in a gym 8¬† to 10 hours a day. This explains why she looked so hot “Dhoom 2”.

Sushmita  Sen is the first woman from India to be crowned Miss Universe in 1994. Lately rumors are that the beautiful woman will play the role of Benazir Bhutto.

Preity Zinta is known for her dimples and her happy roles. She also has a degree in forensics and writes articles for BBC News Online South Asia and owns the Kings XI Punjab cricket team. Beautiful, smart and famous!

Shilpa Shetty was on “celebrity Big Brother UK” where sadly was hurt by racial discrimination. Even so, so showed class and because of her beauty she managed to bring close to her even the people who were rude t her at first, and they apologized.

Known for her sexyvoice, Rani Mukerji is not a disappointment at the LOOK chapter, especially with her light brown eyes. She comes from a corporate family, and her cousin is Kajol, the first on our list.

Amrita Rao was noticed by film producers even since she was little because of her beauty, but never started in any movies until she finished college. She then started to model and then become one of the most appreciated stars in Bollywood.

In 2008, when Kangana Ranaut was only 20 years old she became a big start with her role in “Fashion” blockbuster. Since then she made a name for herself, landing roles with an occidental note. She also has a blog where she constantly writes to keep her fans updated.

Dia Mirza is not only beautiful but she also has a warm soul and strong personality. She used her name for charity. She’s active in the PETA, CRY, HIV campaigns. She often writes in The Hindustan Times and has proven that she’s not only beautiful but very smart.

Malaika Arora Kahn was noticed as a VJ jat MTV india. She was soon approached by Modeling agencies and started to play in movies only after she married actor Arbaz Kahn.